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UPD: Нижче можна скачати графік майстер-класів українською та англійською мовами

You can download COURSE schedule in Ukrainian and English by the link lower


Шановні апліканти COURSE!
Dear COURSE applicants!

Ще раз дякуємо вам за Вашу участь у відборі.
Once again want to thank you for your participation in selection.

Рішенням організаторів майстер-класів до участі у якості активних учасників Других київських міжнародних майстер-класів нової музики COURSE у березні 2013 року від України відібрані Віталій Кияниця, Андрій Мерхель, Аліса Кобзар та Остап Мануляк.

According to the decision of organizators of the Second Kiev International Master-Classes for New Music COURSE in March 2013 the next foreign composers are selected: Dmitry Timofeev (Russia), Sergey Kim (Kazakhstan) and Benjamin Scheuer (Germany).

У якості вільних слухачів з можливостю мати зайняття з педагогами та з ансамблем від України запрошуються Кіра Майденберг, Тетяна Шабаєва та Назар Скрипник

Протягом 10 днів, до кінця жовтня кожному учаснику на e-mail буде вислано план роботи та деяка технічна/організаційна інформація.

In 10 days, till the end of October each participant will receive to his|her e-mail info with workpland and technical/organization questions.

Вітаємо всіх учасників та бажаємо приємного і корисного перебування на COURSE у березні 2013!

Congratulations to all participants and wishes of the pleasant and useful pastime at the COURSE in March 2013!

З повагою,
координатор COURSE
Олексій Шмурак

all the best,
COURSE coordinator
Alexey Shmurak


“To learn to speak, you need to speak” is typical advice of foreign language instructors to their students. The same admonition should be offered to any young artist who wants to learn the lexicon of contemporary music. Modern music has a tremendous arsenal of tools at its disposal; tools which can be mastered only through communicating with the “native-speakers” of this language.

Ours are times of constant discovery and permanent revolution; times in which the indivisible is split and the unconnected joined. The gap between contradictions is closing. There is no shock at the notion of “structured chaos”, nothing absurd in Pierre Boulez’ worthy formulation that “to create true lunacy one needs analysis and clear organization”. Today, undiluted phonetics carry no less force than fluent language, and often surpass it in substance. There is no right or wrong road for the modern composer: his horizons are infinite.
The Kiev International Master-Classes for New Music – COURSE – seeks to support and advance the activities of young Ukrainian composers and musicologists. During its week of intensive study and practicum, young Ukrainian artists communicate and collaborate with noted European composers as well as with the members of Ensemble Nostri Temporis.

COURSE is coordinated by Ensemble Nostri Temporis and the Goethe-Institut. This collaboration began in 2010 when, thanks to a grant from the Goethe-Institut, the Ensemble was able to participate in the “Internationalen Ferienkurse für Neue Musik Darmstadt” (Germany). This joint effort has continued with further projects: “Street Games – Games on the Street”, and in 2011, the topical music project “Transit”.

The organizers of COURSE also wish to express their gratitude to their other partners: the Cultural and Educational Center “Master Klass” in Kiev, the Polish Institute in Kiev, and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, all of which are consistently active in a wide range of cultural events throughout Ukraine.

We are hopeful that COURSE will impact and influence the New Music scene in Ukraine by promoting creativity and still further development of the treasures of the thesaurus of New Music.

Ensemble Nostri Temporis

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